Current Projects

Home Automation

Using methods from robotics and machine learning, our group aims to increase household efficiency, extend device functionality, and, ultimately, enrich home life.

Skin Cancer Detection & Tracking using Deep Learning

Skin cancer is the most prevalent cancer in America, and the 2nd leading cause of lost life years in our society. In collaboration with Stanford Dermatology, our team is creating a deep-learning based vision system for the automated classification and tracking of your skin at home.

Automated Email Reply

Similar to Google Inbox's latest automatic email reply feature, we are working on using the latest in sequence-to-sequence AI to predict individualized responses to email that integrate with multiple modalities.

Ultrasound and AI for cancer detection and tracking

Many internal cancers go undetected due to a lack of symptoms in early stages. Pancreatic cancer, for instance, is largely asymptomatic until it is terminal. Using AI we are developing techniques for the 3D reconstruction, detection, and tracking of internal growths over time, in the hopes of providing an at-home method for the monitoring of cancers.

Previous Projects

Autonomous Driving


Robotic Segbot

Robotic Mine Mapping

CMU Navigation Toolkit

Mine Exploration

Helicopter Mapping

The Robotic Walker!